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Group Medical Insurance in UAE

Is your Group Medical Insurance premium hurting your company’s finances?

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Medical Insurance coverage is an essential need for every individual. Protecting your employees with a good healthcare coverage helps in keeping them healthy, motivated and more engaged with your business.

A good group medical insurance plan for your employees will ensure that they have access to the best medical care regionally and globally. EMPLOYEES value companies that care about their health and actively work towards protecting their wellbeing. In turn, they’re more loyal and productive. Your employees are the pillars of your business and good healthcare coverage can significantly increase your company’s output. Whatever is your business model, SME or large corporate, you can find the most suitable insurance products without making a dent on the company finances.

Our group health insurance policies aim to provide the best service with emphasis on competitive premium rates, ease of claims processing and quickest possible disbursal. While we take care of all your health insurance requirements, you can focus on the overall growth and progress of your business and be assured of receiving a security blanket that is guaranteed to protect you and your employees in case a medical situation arise.

We are experts in the field of insurance and insurance program management and our clients engage us because they value our advice/services. The appointment of an advisor is cost neutral to the client and whilst incurring this cost themselves, the insurers are aware of the value of having a professional intermediary managing customer relationships. Without an intermediary involved the insurer knows that they will have to allocate more time and resource to servicing/managing direct accounts. We can offer the following range of value added services to benefit your company as follows with regard to your health insurance requirements: 1. Benchmarking - Analyzing your current benefits. Consultancy and benefit design.

2. Program set ups/implementations/gathering and processing application documentation.

3. A dedicated Administration Manager, to oversee all day-to-day transactions with proactive follow up and focus on service delivery, working in your best interests.

4. A dedicated Claims Manager - Advising on claim management issues and cost containment. Communication of benefits/coverage to all members.

5. Processing and following up claims on behalf of the members. Managing Additions and Deletions to the plan. Managing any form of dispute or servicing issues with providers. Providing periodic status reports on the program performance.

6. In-house sessions with third party expertise around a variety of health checks/screening/wellness/diet/exercise.

7. Individual advice and private solutions for employees, where they need other forms of insurances at discounted prices.

Please Download the Census Form below and share current table of benefits along to get a competitive quote

Group Medical Census Form
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